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You can rely on MACmark to provide more successful, more durable and more economical solutions to problems of signage, decoration and safety. Professional CAD-CAM converters can choose from 8-10 years highly conformable film, 7-8 years polymeric films, translucent films, reflective films, 3 years monomeric films, fluorescent or transparent films, soft films for banners, masking films and application tapes of course.
MACmark CAD-CAM films are used for trouble-free computer cutting (even for small characters) and fast trouble-free weeding by most demanding converters and end users.
MACmark has opened the market of cost effective polymeric calendered films and remains its recognized leader.

Product Desciption

Choose Product by Application

MACfleetTM 6500
8-10 Years - Ultra-conformable Film

Fleet Markings

MACal 9800 Pro
7-8 Years - High Performance Vinyl

Decorative Panels

MACal 9800 Bubble Free
Bubble Free vinyl

Window Graphics

MACal 9700 Pro
5-7 Years - Translucent Vinyl

Backlit Displays

MAClite 5700
5-7 Years - Reflective Films

Reflective Films

MACal 8900 Pro
3-4 Years - Intermediate Vinyl semi permanent


MACal 8300 Pro
4-5 Years - Intermediate Vinyl permanent

Masking Films for Stencilling

MACal 8400
3 Years - Transparent Vinyl

Indoor Decoration

MACal 8000
3-6 Months - Fluorescent Vinyl

Safety Phosphorescent Films

MACal Glass Decor
5 Years - Glass Decor Film

Effortless application

MACsoft 900
3 Years - Banner Vinyls

Masking Films

Application Tapes

MACphospho 85
Phosphorescent Film

MACal 8200
3-4 years Intermediate Vinyl